G1- What’s the deal with the money?

G1- This is the first gorgeous tip on how to make all of this happen.  When I post prices they are merely estimates.  However, my husband cracks up when I estimate our grocery bill at Aldi and I am nearly always within a few dollars.  It has become a game for me!  Its like I am finally experiencing my dream date with Bob Barker on the Price is Right.  Sorry, Drew, I just don’t have the summer mornings like I used to, to watch you.  Therefore, Bob is still in my dreams.  So when I post the prices, this is my method.  I know how much the chunk of meat cost and any other major item that I use in its entirety.  Then, for items that I only use part of, I fraction out that part of the price.  For example, last night I only used 1/3 of the bag of the potatoes that cost $1.79.  So I said that the potatoes cost about $1.  Really they cost less than that, but the few more cents covers the pinches of spices, small handful of parmesan cheese, and rounds of olive oil.  All the spices and extra ingredients I use can be purchased at Aldi for super cheap.  However, there are some things that I recommend buying in bulk because I use them all the time.  Olive oil is one of those items.  Aldi sells olive oil at a pretty good price, but if you can buy it  a gallon at a time you will end up saving a lot more in the end. 

 Aside from all-inclusive vacations, I also have an addiction to coffee.  I’ll drink just about any kind, but nothing beats freshly ground.  Aldi sells bags of coffee beans a LOT cheaper than the neighborhood supermarket.  However, my mother-in-law recently introduced me to the humongous bag of coffee beans that Costco sells for about $9.  By far the best deal on freshly ground coffee.  Ahhh… I thank the mother-in-law and those coffee beans right now as I sip their splendor.


About gourmetgotgorgeous

I am a 28 year-old mother of two. My husband and I love to travel to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. We do so by saving our money through the way we grocery shop. However, we didn't want to put our bodies, our tastes buds, or our childrens' nutrition at risk. So we haven't... we eat gorgeous every night and travel gorgeous one to two weeks per year.
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