Meal 10- Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet with Caprese Salad

They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, I don’t know about my husband… but my heart is feeling gooo–oood tonight.  Want to raise your self-esteem?  Make this super easy meal that is especially gorgeous on the taste buds!

Its Valentine’s Day.  After all the celebrating this weekend and spending the day with 500 children hyped up on sugar, I did not have the energy to make a meal 100% from scratch.  Luckily, I had Aldi do my dirty work.  Tonight we had Bacon-Wrapped Beef Filet’s, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Steamed Broccoli, and Boiled Basil Potatoes paired with my favorite Caprese Salad.

Tonight’s Ingredients: 2 bacon wrapped filets, 2 chicken cordon bleu, 1/3 bag of potatoes, 1/2 package fresh broccoli, 2 large Roma tomatoes, 1/2 block mozzarella cheese (4 ounces), fresh basil leaves or dried, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, garlic salt, pepper, salt.

Aldi sells a 6 ounce bacon wrapped filet for only $1.79.  I grilled mine on the electric grill as the real grill did not make it through the winter.  They were incredibly tender and tasty.  I bought two of these and paired them with a half of Chicken Cordon Bleu (baked in the oven).  The kiddos shared another Chicken Cordon Bleu.  The C.C.B. are NOT pre-cooked and are delicious.  A tiny bit salty, but I’m pretty sure all C.C.B. are.  Afterall, it is chicken stuffed with ham and swiss.  These are 99 cents a piece!  I boiled about 12 bite size Yukon Gold potatoes.  Wash them, cut them in equal size halves, toss in water, and boil.  When tender, drain, drizzle olive oil over them, sprinkle with garlic salt, pepper, and basil.  Steam fresh broccoli in the microwave for 3 minutes.  Serve along caprese salad and you will love yourself!

Caprese Salad- My Caprese Salad is basically “LOVE” from Meal-3, just in a different position.  Slice 2 large Romas and half a block of mozzarella.  Stack in a pattern on a plate.  Add some fresh or dried basil.  If your thumb has even a faint green hue, I recommend growing a basil plant in your kitchen.  If basil had a last name, it would be Gourmet.  Drizzle your pretty pattern with olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, sprinkle a tiny bit of salt and pepper. 

Aldi Price Breakdown: 2 bacon wrapped filets- $3.58, 2 chicken cordon bleu $1.98, 1/3 bag of potatoes- 60cents, 1/2 package fresh broccoli- 75cents, 2 large Roma tomatoes 33cents, 1/2 block mozzarella cheese (4 ounces)- 75cents, fresh basil leaves or dried, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, garlic salt, pepper, salt- 20cents-ish =$8.19.

Yes, Folks.  The roses are from Aldi as well.  I insisted that my husband not over pay for flowers from the neighborhood grocery store and he did not let me down!  He is not cheap, he is smart!  If there is excess cash, use it for new shoes, not on flowers that will die in a week.  This bouquet was a whopping $3.99!  Toss it in one of the lonely glass vases from the back of the cabinet.   No babies breath, just beautiful roses.  After all, isn’t that why we love the rose… for its simplicity?  When did babies breath come into the picture and mess up such a beautiful flower? 

***Sidenote*** Aldi usually sells some type of bouquet for $3.99.  I have used them to decorate for showers and birthdays.  Occasionally, they will just end up in my cart as a gift to myself.  The best part…the grocery bill hardly reflects the little pick me up!



About gourmetgotgorgeous

I am a 28 year-old mother of two. My husband and I love to travel to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. We do so by saving our money through the way we grocery shop. However, we didn't want to put our bodies, our tastes buds, or our childrens' nutrition at risk. So we haven't... we eat gorgeous every night and travel gorgeous one to two weeks per year.
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2 Responses to Meal 10- Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet with Caprese Salad

  1. Katy Gitto says:

    I laughed when you said this about your day: “After all the celebrating this weekend and spending the day with 500 children hyped up on sugar, I did not have the energy to make a meal 100% from scratch.” I’m loving your blogs and your meal ideas! I’ve never shopped at Aldi, but I might have to give it a shot! Bacon wrapped filets sound delish!

    • Thanks, Katy! Glad I made you smile. You should seriously try it…they have a lot of yummy foods. I hear you guys like calamari. I once bought a 1 pound bag of calamari rings, scallops, and shrimp for $4!

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